About Us

How we are going to get you covered

and who we are....


Kingas Wonderland is a new venture into the world of fashion. We are devoted and sensitive towards most crucial social questions such as animal welfare, human rights, women's rights, just to mention a few.

We choose to care about such, as it's all about the choice...

When we decide what to offer to the world, we are making a choice of what kind of world we are willing to create. Therefore, our main principal is to always make a choice to serve affordable quality and real value to as many people as possible while remaining loyal to the original manufacturer of the products.

This is our mission, and we are willing to grow together with our customers;

we are here to listen.

This online store will be a one-stop destination to everyone who is looking for choices, quality service on an affordable price. We are willing to be the friendly face of style for your home and your wardrobe.

We also firmly believe, humans do possess all the necessary assets to abandon any products and means that facilitate or are linked to animal exploitation or cruelty.

As a startup business we welcome all feedback and collaboration requests. 



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